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Butcombe Brewing Co.


The Clevedon & District Clubs Skittles League is proud to be sponsored by Butcombe Brewing Co.

Butcombe Brewing Co. has sponsored the league for a number of seasons past, and the league is extremely grateful for their continued sponsorship this season.


May the members of Clevedon & District Clubs Skittles League, and spectators too, continue to show their appreciation with the consumption of the brewery's range of beers & ciders.

Can I visit the brewery?

Yes, tours are available

There's nothing we love more than hosting beer enthusiasts (or beer beginners) at our brewery. We've got a great story to tell, and our vision for the future is just as exciting. Explore behind the scenes, see how we work our brewing magic, and taste some of our finest brews with the people who craft them. Butcombe Brewing Co. website

Discover more at... Butcombe Brewing Co. • Tours

A great experience

I thoroughly enjoyed a tour of this brewery with work colleagues some time ago. An (optional) evening meal was included and I highly recommend both the tour and meal. Consider making it a trip out for your skittles team. P. Battye • Webmaster.

Please mention this website as a source of information when booking a tour. Thank you.

Online Shop

Beers & Ciders, get the T-Shirt and more

It's not just beers & ciders that are available from the brewery's online shop , you can choose from a large range of other merchandise too ...including the T-Shirt!

The Pubs

Locate & choose which ones to visit

Butcombe Brewing Co. has a large number of managed and tenanted public houses that serve their produce.

Here is a list of public houses to choose from, together with lots of information to help you select those best suited to your needs.

Please mention this website as a source of information when visiting the brewery's public houses. Thank you.